Guess how David Blaine is doing his suspension stunt?

He isn’t. Ta-da. David Blaine promised to hang upside down above Central Park’s ice skating rink for 60 hours straight and use a catheter to relieve himself, but both Gawker and MollyGood have proof that David is a big cheater.

Passerbys reported that David stood upright on a platform to be checked out by EMT’s every hour for 10 minutes and used that time to urinate. Even when David is upside down, he has a harness to hold his head up.

Wow. What an amazing stunt. This will really cement his status as the greatest magician of the 21st century. If Houdini were alive to see this, he’d probably laugh his ass off and call David “the biggest gaylord EVA.”

One more photo after the jump.

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