How to Lose Friends and afternoon time wasters

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  • Bossip: Michael Jackson’s dirty underwear up for grabs on eBay
  • Drunken Stepfather: Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus in a lesbian pedophile fantasy
  • Celebslam: Kelly Osbourne slapped a ho
  • Popoholic: Emmanuelle Chriqui is fashionable
  • Celebitchy: Mischa Barton admits she went to rehab
  • SOW: Variety said The Fringe is a let down so I don’t know about this
  • Holy Taco: Teaching someone about fantasy football is difficult
  • CityRag: Will Smith gets uber-served
  • FHM:The 10 greatest fight scenes
  • NinjaDude: Miley Cyrus went on a date
  • kathrin

    hups. you liked that will smith video? well look for STEFAN RAAB on youtube. he´s a very famous entertainer in germany.actually the vid is very old. I´m sure you´ll find much better and funnier vids of him and celebrities..think you´ll love him.he´s much meaner than you are ;) *yeah that´s possible* unfortunately you´ll have to learn german to understand his mean jokes…

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