Hugh Hefner says relationships are in transition

Over the past few days there have been a lot of news regarding Hugh Hefner and The Girls Next Door. From stuff like Kendra Wilkinson being engaged to Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Hank Baskett as reported by WWTDD to this startling admission by Hugh Hefner as reported by E!.

“The reality is the girls and I are all together,” Hefner said.

He quickly shot down reports that Madison has been seeing Mindfreak illusionist Criss Angel.

“Holly shares my bed on a nightly basis,” Hef said.

And Hef had a lot more to say…

Hefner does acknowledge that the relationships are “in transition.”

“Are there going to be changes in the relationships, I’m sure there are going to be,” Hefner said. “I think that in the future, the girls are going to, in time, be dating others and moving out of the mansion, and when that happens we will not be keeping it a secret,” Hefner said.

To add on, the porn connoisseur over at WWTDD also reports Bridgett hasn’t been laid in years and “wants to f**k in the worst way.”

Ugh, they should move on. There’s no way Hef can handle all three of them. They haven’t made a Viagra this powerful yet and women as sexy as them have needs. Hef’s best bet is to hire a handsome young man to take care of them. One who is very discrete. So discrete that he has no friends — by choice — to reveal his secret to. Which is where I come in. Relax, sweeties. I’ve done this a thousand times before and my pillow has yet to complain.

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