Jennifer Lopez wasn’t the only one

Eliza Dushku

Other celebrity competitors at the Nautica Triathlon included:

Eliza Dushku, Finished: 2:22:31.2 (She has no swim time so does that mean she didn’t complete it?) Hotter than Jennifer Lopez

eliza dushku triathlon 01eliza dushku triathlon 02eliza dushku triathlon 03eliza dushku triathlon 04eliza dushku triathlon 05

Anna Kournikova, Relay, Finished: 1:29:03.1, Again, hotter than Jennifer Lopez

anna kournikova triathlon 01anna kournikova triathlon 02anna kournikova triathlon 03anna kournikova triathlon 04anna kournikova triathlon 05

Brittany Daniel: No idea what her time is, but I hear she can bench press a Buick

brittany daniels triathlon 01brittany daniels triathlon 02brittany daniels triathlon 03brittany daniels triathlon 04brittany daniels triathlon 05

Notable mentions:

Matthew McConaughey, Finished: 1:43:48.3, Voted best tits of triathlon. May I touch?

mcconaughey triathlon 01

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