John McCain is a liar

John McCain canceled a scheduled appearance on the David Letterman show last night claiming he was suspending his campaign to solve our economic crisis. McCain told Dave he was on his way to the airport for a plane bound straight to Washington.

However, in the middle of David’s interview with Keith Olbermann, footage of McCain preparing for an interview with Katie Couric in the next studio over was shown. Awkward, but let’s be reasonable. It was obviously a McCain bot being interviewed by Katie, sent to do his bidding by the government while the real McCain was heading back to Washington to single-handedly solve our economic crisis. So not only is McCain a war hero, he’s my hero. *Swoon*

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Joe T
Joe T
13 years ago

Yes, John McBush is a LIAR!! Almost all hid adds are lies and If you watched the debate you as I seen, that he lied about 12 times on his so called facts. That why he couldnt look Obama in the eyes, becouse he was lieing about him…. its a known fact that when a person lies to you they will not look at you. Also he never looked at the camera, not only was he lieing about Obama he lies to the American people. In Johns world its not America first its campaign first!! What a looser. As a… Read more »

13 years ago

I’m a registered Republican who is now an avid Obama supporter. That debate last night was horrible for Republicans. I saw a man lying through his teeth, and a man who couldn’t look Obama in the eye’s because there were so many lies exiting his mouth. I’m not even sure anymore why I’m a member of a party who’s best candidate is a boldface liar. I’m sick of the rhetoric. And I’m sick of liars. Obama, you have my support brother, bring change, bring truth and honesty, and bring America from the trenches of tyranny and corruption. McCain, you’ve done… Read more »

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