Justin Timberlake is a good boyfriend

Justin Timberlake is very committed to Jessica Biel. You can tell because he partied with only four hot chicks in New York while she moved herself into his house. And he shared with Leo DiCaprio.

Justin, Leo and the lovely ladies had a fun night dancing and playing beer pong at the singer’s New York City restaurant, Southern Hospitality.

“Justin definitely didn’t have Jessica on his mind that night,” says an insider.

From 6 p.m. to 2 a.m., Justin flirted, laughed, and ignored the many calls he received on his cell phone.

“He looked like he was having too good a time to be bothered.”

You can’t fault Justin for hanging out with a bunch of hot chicks while Jessica was moving in. Jessica is built like a linebacker so I doubt she had too much trouble. She probably just tossed her LCD TV’s in and out of the U-Haul like they were ugly babies. But, beer pong? Really?

Coincidentally, the picture above is of Justin and Jessica at Southern Hospitality last week. Awkward.

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