K-Fed is a good father

When Club Prive in Vegas named Kevin Federline Father of the Year and threw him a party, people were a little skeptical. Allow me to lift some of that doubt right now. He’s a great father.

Federline attended the Sept. 12 preview party for Lavo, a new bathhouse-inspired restaurant and nightclub, and had such a good time he decided to extend his stay. Unfortunately, that meant skipping out on his sons’ birthday party back in L.A., according to a source who was on hand.

“On Friday night he went to Lavo’s preview party, even danced to Britney’s ‘Gimme More’ and had so much fun that night he decided to stay for Saturday’s grand opening,” the source says. “Saturday he spent the day by the pool, then had dinner at TAO and hit the Lavo grand opening, red carpet and all, where he partied (un)til 4am.”

Four years from now, as the heartache of what Kevin did to Sean Preston and Jayden James still lingers, the boys will ask mommy why, “Why did daddy never come?” And Britney, who couldn’t care less, will respond, “Because daddy would rather dance with a bunch of whores than spend time with you two.” Sean and Jayden will later come to know this time as The Golden Years.

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13 years ago

Damn, I wish K-Fed was MY dad. Sigh.

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