Kevin Spacey Croatia grab ass update

kevin space ass 1

In my post last week, I mentioned how Kevin Spacey was slapping some guy’s ass in a bar in Croatia and I said it made him look gay. I take it back. Clearer pictures have come out and it seems he was trying to stick a finger in there. That makes him look gay.

kevin space ass 2

  • Jessica

    That dudes butt looks red in the center as if it were recently irritated. Look, look at how red it is where this guy “A” hole is. I wonder if Kevin had something to do with that too?

  • sam

    Ummmm… Kevin Spacey is gay didn’t you know that?
    I don’t when he came out but it was awhile ago when he was doing the “Iceman Cometh”.

  • Bjobaz

    Who gives a shit if Kevin Spacey is gay? That is not why his fans love him… We love him because of his work… He is one of the world’s greatest actor of all times.

  • Salma

    I found this interesting comment on Mr. Paparazzi:

    “If you could read the Croatian articles that reported the incident, you’d already know that the guy on Spacey’s lap was not a friend of his, but a local who threw himself on him. And also that Spacey was pretty embarrassed (this clearly shows on his face). His bodyguards (on the left side of the pictures) tried to pull that guy back. He was probably kicked out a little later, but unfortunately a paparazzo could run away with those pics. And he obviously did a “slight” photoshop work on them before publishing them on the internet: I’m hardly the first one to notice that the right buttock is in a very suspicious position, and the left one is as flat as a pancake. Shameless low levelled manipulation.”

  • Sickofit

    Spacey is not embarrassed, that is not his body guard, that guy helped pull his pants down, He is stoned not embarrassed, It is not photoshopped. It’s his people trying to cover his behavior up once again, If you think papers can’t be bought off your wrong. Stop being so nieve, He loves guys, the younger the better. Paparazzo don’t care about Spacey. He’s nobody, they would not waste their time photoshopping him. Get over it.

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