Kirk Cameron is committed

Kirk Cameron, Mike Seaver from Growing Pains, told the Today show that he will not kiss any woman other than his wife even if it’s for a movie. Kirk became an evangelical Christian at 17.

“I have a commitment not to kiss any other woman,” he told the morning show. So his real wife, actress Chelsea Noble, was the body double for the onscreen kiss.

“So when I’m kissing my wife, we’re actually husband and wife honoring marriage behind the scenes,” Cameron told “Today.”

What a weirdo. If I was a married actor, I’d get it any way I could. This scene calls for a kiss on the cheek? Let’s make it tonguing and throw in a sex scene. It would really add to the story. Prepare for sexy times, baby. Afterward, I’d go home and tell my wife that I had to physically stick my penis in another woman because the scene didn’t seem “real” enough. All the while I would act all dejected and complain about how I have to suffer for my art. I’m such a tortured soul.

Kirk Cameron: I Only Kiss My Wife … Even on Screen [Fox News]

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12 years ago

Yes, Finally a real guy! Thats what I would do if I was a actress. My bf only.
I couldnt stand kissing a diseased mouth

12 years ago

I was thinking this article would say he was committed to an asylum. He was in this horrible Christian movie, called Left Behind, based on the Tim LaHaye series which is essentially a Christan like Davinci Code.

You will have a field day with that video. Kirk Cameron really is bananas.

9 years ago

Awesome. He’s honoring and respectful. Real definition of strength and character. Against the grain of society

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