Leighton Meester wants to cut an album

As is the norm among young, dumb celebrities, Leighton Meester of Gossip Girl plans on recording her first album. Leighton tells Access Hollywood:

“I am yeah,” she said. “Technically, yeah I am. I mean, for real this time… I’ve always done [music], just now I am actually doing an album that I plan to release.”

Right. I’ve always done music too, but you don’t see me running to a studio to record an album of me burping Beethoven. Take a look at the track record of every other actress/socialite turned singer. None of them found success. In fact, they found the opposite of success. Epic failure. Do you want to end up like Heidi Montag? Used, plastic and devoid of any personality and sense of self-worth? Because if you choose that path, I’d appreciate it if you at least flash your vadge. That’s all I’m asking. And if you’re wondering how a diatribe about the pitfalls of a singing career turned into me begging to see your lady bits, it’s because I was staring at your face, but then my eyes sort of wandered downward.

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12 years ago

LOL Wow. Have you even heard her voice? I think you might want to refrain from judging something you’ve never heard. Stupid.

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