Lindsay Lohan might get a roommate

Lindsay Lohan has been begging her mom to let her 14-year-old sister, Ali Lohan, live with her and Samantha. Lindsay says she’s at a point where she believes she can finally be a positive influence on her. According to The National Enquirer:

Lindsay – who’s been privately critical of Dina for pushing Ali into their widely panned reality series – told pals she believes she can show Ali what “Hollywood is really all about!”

Hollywood isn’t just about the coke fueled orgies or the free gift bags worth thousands. There’s a lot more to it than that like the ecstasy fueled orgies and the comped meals at fancy restaurants. Ali has so much to learn. The first lesson of her Hollywood education being the proper way to hold Lindsay’s hair back after a night of clubbing.

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12 years ago

I bet theyre turning her into another raging lesbian

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