Mila Kunis dresses nice

Mila Kunis

Here’s Mila Kunis filming scenes for Extract. It’s a movie about a girl with big tits who tries to have sex with me. I don’t know if they did any rewrites, but that was the script I sent in. I had 110 pages of different ways Mila and I have sex. On some of them I even drew little hearts with “Mila + Me” written on the inside for added emphasis. Although, if they did do rewrites, they should have really told me. I’ve been lying naked in Mila’s bed for about four hours now and all I hear are sirens.

mila kunis extract 01mila kunis extract 02mila kunis extract 03mila kunis extract 04mila kunis extract 05mila kunis extract 06mila kunis extract 07mila kunis extract 08mila kunis extract 09mila kunis extract 10

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