Minnie Driver gave birth

Minnie Driver gave birth on Friday to a 9 lbs., 12 oz., baby boy named Henry Story Driver. The identity of the father still remains a secret, but Driver, 38, said that he will be involved in the kid’s life.

“He’s going to be a dad so yeah he’s going to be there for the kid,” she said. “I’m not getting married to this person and I don’t know what’s going to happen but everyone is cool about the situation.”

That must suck for the guy. To have Minnie Driver not even wanting to reveal his name. Normally this happens when the significant other is really ugly or socially unacceptable or both. Like when you get really drunk and hook up with a fat chick. You tell your friends you got laid but not with who. Then when they ask you about your broken ribs and crushed lung you change the subject to how you’d never hook up with a fat chick when you’re drunk thereby throwing suspicion off of you. So clever.

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13 years ago

they should named the kid Truck. or Taxi. or Pile. how awesome would that be.

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