Noel Gallagher was attacked

Oasis performed at the Virgin Mobile Festival in Toronto over the weekend when a guy rushed the stage and pushed Noel Gallagher off of it. Security tackled him seconds later and he was arrested. To reiterate. Oasis is still alive and performing and fantasies about pushing one of the Gallagher brothers off stage still run rampant.

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E.V. Clutcher
E.V. Clutcher
12 years ago

I take my hat off to the guy who wacked Noel Gallagher.
He didn’t hit him hard enough.
Noel Gallagher is a loud mouthed yob who can’t play, can’t sing and the songs he writes are crap and he suffers from delusions of grandeur. The sooner Oasis are disbanded the better and they would soon be forgotten.

E.V. Clutcher.

Julia Fox
Julia Fox
12 years ago

I agree with E.V. Clutcher and I also take my hat off to the guy. Noel Gallagher is a talentless yob and a loud mouthed moron. I’m a Londoner and I think Oasis are the worost British band of all time.

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