Paris Hilton still making music

Paris Hilton hasn’t yet learned from her Stars are Blind days that no one wants to hear her sing. People would rather tie a T-Bone to their genitals and have Michael Vick’s dogs sicked on them (timely reference!). I’m pretty sure people made her cry by telling her to her face as well.

Apparently, she chose not the listen because here she is with a new single called “My BFF” which is undoubtedly being released to promote her new MTV reality show where she sorts through a bunch of mentally unstable sycophants to find a new best friend.

Coincidentally, this is also how I find my best friends. I force a group of strangers to complete pointless tasks and exercises involving lie detectors and fecal matter. How else would I know they really want it?

You can listen to it here, here or down below.

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