Shia won’t be charged with DUI

Shia LaBeouf

Citing insufficient evidence, the LA County DA will not charge Shia LaBeouf with a DUI. Shia still has to attend a DMV hearing where his license will automatically be suspended for refusing to take a blood alcohol test.

Following the crash, the 22-year-old Transformers star was cited with misdemeanor DUI while he was still at the hospital.

Prosecutors instead plan to file criminal charges against the other driver, who was found to have run a red light, Robison says.

This doesn’t happen very often. A celebrity escaping drunk driving charges. What are the odds? And in LA of all places.

  • The guy is a pretty decent actor, and could be doing a lot better for himself if only he’d straighten up and fly right. I hope he gets himself sorted out before he does something TRULY stupid and winds up working at McDonald’s for a living. (No insult intended towards Mickey D employees…)

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