Spotted: My disgust

Drew Barrymore and Ed Westwick (Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl) were seen making out at Webster Hall during the Kings of Leon performance. Earlier reports claimed Drew was with Ed’s co-star Chace Crawford. That, however, was all a smokescreen to cover up the real relationship.

Following last night’s show, Westwick, wearing leather pants and pointed shoes, accompanied Barrymore to the after-party at Bowery Electric where the pair continued their PDA. Barrymore even straddled Bass — um, we mean Westwick — in a move not dissimilar to that time Serena did it with Nate on the bar. To be honest, the whole thing kind of hurt our eyes a bit, not least because at 33, Drew is definitely the Catharine to 21-year-old Westwick’s Marcus. Needless to say, he could barely conceal his smug satisfaction all night — and left wearing the same half-smile Chuck did after he bagged Blair that fateful night in season one.

What does this mean for you normal people? Nothing really. Just that Drew Barrymore likes them young. Drew probably brags to all her friends that it was the tightest ass she’s ever had. Granted, I have no idea what that means and neither do Drew’s friends.

Spotted: Chuck Bass Snogging … Drew Barrymore?!?!?! [NYMag]

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