Suck it, Madonna

Madonna performed in Lisbon on the 14th and did her best impression of Baloo from The Jungle Book. Alright, it’s obvious what she was really doing, but I don’t really want to say it because it creeps me out to think of a granny doing that to an amp. That poor, unsuspecting amp. It should really file a police report.

In any case, the fun part comes near the end when Madonna stumbles to her right and falls on her ass. Ha, old people. They provide us with hours of entertainment and in return, we provide them with shady retirement homes. I call that a fair trade.

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12 years ago

Oh my God, I love Madonna! The fall was hilarious and she yet again got everyone talking, like you fuckers and real Madonna lovers alike. She falls kaploof! Then gets right back up … like every winner does :)
12 years ago

There is nothing “old” about her. Can’t wait to see her when the tour comes to California!

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