Understatement of the year

In Lynne Spears’ upcoming book,Through the Storm, she says she’d still let her kids pursue stardom despite knowing what she knows now and she admits that “every mother makes mistakes and I’m not different.” She goes on to say:

“I wanted the truth out in my own words for myself and my family,” she tells PEOPLE of writing the book, which chronicles Britney’s highly publicized troubles and Jamie Lynn’s pregnancy at 16. The latter, says Lynne, “was probably the hardest time in my life.”

I’m sure Lynne would let them do this all over again. The money is probably really good. If my kids were able to bleed millions of dollars, I’d be willing to make a concentrated effort to screw up their lives as well. I’d personally shuttle them to clubs and ask that dealer on the street corner for an eight ball of coke. Then I’d push them out of my car and tell them to “Be popular. Don’t screw this up for me.”

[Lynne Spears keeps her mouth shut when asked about how daughter Jamie-Lynn’s new baby is. Photo via Splash News]

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