“Us white folk will take care of you”

John McCain was a guest on that estrogen fueled talk show The View today. During the interview, McCain said he wanted to constitution to be interpreted the way it was originally intended. Whoopi got a little heated and asked, “Should I be worried about being a slave, about being returned to slavery because crtain things happened in the Constitution that you had to change?” McCain looked like a deer in headlights and stuttered a correction and Barbara, concerned, assured Whoopi that “Us white folk would take care of you.”

Uhh… well… I’m sure Whoopi and Sherri are overjoyed to hear that they’d be taken care of by those magnanimous white folk. Unless, what Barbara meant by “taking care of” was that white folk would give Whoopi a real nice shack to stay in on their plantation, in which case, awkwaaarrrd.

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  • shankyouverymuch

    That is one dumb monkey on that show … obviously it has NO clue how government, or the constitution work, in any way at all … I guess you can take the negress out the trees, but you can’t take the stupid out the negress!

    If I were Mclame, I would have punched it that big ape face & told it to go back to school. I highly doubt it would do any go though. :O(

  • MR

    Barbara Walters is a fucken idiot. Always has been.

  • oh right. and whose gonna take care of you, barb in the same boat.

    ps. clueless, if the constitution worked so well, there wouldn’t be so many amendments to it. duh you think.

    Title VII the 14th amendment, is meant to explain why and which men are created equal. duh.

  • Whoopie Goldberg is a friggin’ moron. “Should I worry about being a slave?” There is no statute in the Constitution condoning slavery! It doesn’t even mention slavery!! Good God! I can’t believe members of the audience actually applauded her. People need to take a look at the Constitution. Why do people think Whites have everything and blacks have nothing?? Blacks have the National Black Caucus, BET, NAACP, Affirmative-Action, HUNDREDS of black-ONLY college scholarships, black-ONLY colleges, and on and on and on, and still they bring up “slavery”! What do Whites have? None of the above. Wake up people. Blacks are the racists, not whites.

    • natalie


      Those black organizations were developed in response to the ongoing “white privilege” that you enjoy because of your race. Take a look at at Peggy McIntosh’s article “White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack.” This might give you better insight to what I am talking about.

      It is this same white privilege that has allowed you to make these very false and ignorant comments with no real understanding as to how social institutions and racism actually work.

    • Guest

      Right. I keep forgetting how powerful and privileged I am.

  • Rougelatete

    OMG, these comments are horrific. People like you actually still exist?!?! “Negress, ape face, dumb monkey, blacks have so much, white have none, etc.” Please, for the love of God, do not have children. I don’t want your spawn ruining the world for mine because of the hate and misinformation and prejudgments you will instill in them. READ A BOOK!!!

  • Elitist

    And you have an education?

  • AverageJoeForPrez

    ” the continuance of slavery was clearly sanctioned in the U.S. Constitution, although the words slave and slavery are not found anywhere in the document. Section 2 of Article I states that apart from free persons “all other persons,” meaning slaves, are each to be counted as three-fifths of a white person for the purpose of apportioning congressional representatives on the basis of population. Section 9 of Article I states that the importation of “such Persons as any of the States now existing shall think proper to admit,” meaning slaves, would be permitted until 1808. And Section 2 of Article IV directs that persons “held to Service or Labour in one State, under the Laws thereof, escaping into another,” meaning fugitive slaves, were to be returned to their owners.”

  • erin

    you are a horrible person for what you said, but i am sure you already know that deep down inside.

  • Erin

    I don’t even know where to begin with your comment except, I guess, to that that you are obviously uneducated and probably a bigot. Organizations like NAACP exist because of all the disparity caused by white racist throughout history. ALL colleges used to be whites only! Are you so foolish to believe that black people are really better of than white people now? Do some research, but don’t do it on the white supremacists sites that you are probably going to now. If you do manage to find some non-biased information you will learn that black people are still at a great disadvantage in this country. I doubt you will care though because you sound like a terrible person.

  • erica

    i thought it was funny it was a joke people lighten up
    P>S im black

  • H. Charles

    Blacks are racist? Thats the dumbest shit I’ve ever heard. Did blacks force whites to use separate bathrooms? Did we keep you out of schools? Did we enslave you? The reason we have BET, NAACP, and Black Only Scholarships is because white people are all over tv and its old, the NAACP protects us from having to use separate bathrooms because of the color of our skin, and whites were getting all of the scholarships even in cases where blacks were better students. White people started racism. Its embedded in your dna. Get a life or better yet, hang yourself with your grandfather’s noose.

    • wes

      The racism from blacks is much more numerous and much more powerful than white racism ever was.

      “It’s embedded in your dna”? That was in no way a racist statement right? LOL

      The black privilege that you have is so numerous it can’t even be listed like ‘white privilege’, and one of them is the ability to say what you said above without being called a racist and having that label stick to you the rest of your life.

      Blacks were given privileges based on all white people somehow being an elite with money falling out their pockets everywhere they go, and that every white person somehow has contempt towards blacks(which is in and of itself racist), that lead to blacks having much more power than whites as non elite citizens, whether you want to admit your privileges and advantages over me is up to you, but don’t even try to say poor whites have access to specifically elite styled ‘white privilege’.
      As a average black person you possess far more rights and power than I do as a average white person, fact.

    • None

      H., you’re a racist.

  • Ms. Lady P

    Read a book or a document of history!

    Slavery is mentioned in two main places in the Constitution; in Article 1, Section 2 Clause 3, and the 13th Amendment…

  • Ms. Lady P

    that is why the 13th and 14th AMENDMENTS (get it – AMENDMENTS) were created. idiots…

  • Ms. Lady P

    Well based on the fact that the 13th and 14th Amendments had to be created suggests that she has a point.

  • Ms. Monique

    Michael STFU and pick up a book!

  • Ms. Monique

    @ shankyouverymuch:

    Your another dumb fuck that doesnt need to procreate – I will be so glad when all of you DUMBFUCKS (racist) disappear! we have no need for you in a civilized society. Muthafucker we are not white; black or mexican; illegal immigrants indian or chinese. WE ARE ALL AMERICANS and as long as we are eating sleeping living and shitting together we are a fucking family striving for the greater to improve OUR NATION as a whole. If you have a problem with any race of people here – move your ass the fuck out! Simple ass that TEAR YOUR ASS! I’M SURE THERE ARE A LOT OF PEOPLE IN MEXICO THAT WOULD LOVE TO TAKE YOUR PLACE AND I PERSONALLY WELCOME THEM OVER ANY RACISIT MUTHAFUCKER LIKE YOU!

  • Bigfulone

    Michael are you really that ignorant, ask yourself WHY do black people need all of these organizations in the first place….(not sure why?) ask your grandparents and their friends….By a cruel act of the universe you were born WHITE, hence you do not know or care to know why these Organizations even exist…many different groups have Scholarships not just blacks…(YEP even Whites Kids can get’em)…

    If you consider BET a true reflection of ALL black people, then I guess it’s for me to assume that FOX news is a reflection of all Whites….

    I am not entirely defending Whoopi she may have gone too far in invoking Slavery in that particular conversation…but to say that Black are the racist you may need to check your American History. little….

  • Jassy

    Some of you people are really naive…black people have been through (and are still going through) alot of sh*t that this f*cked up country has put us through…NEWSFLASH, those amendments don’t mean shit, it took YEARS for those laws and amendments banning racism to take effect…and i can promise you that there are places down south RIGHT NOW that are still banning black from entering their stores and the government isnt doing shit about it…i wish these ignorant ass people (white or black) would realize that black people are looked down upon, and at the risk of sounding racist, prejudice, stereotypical, or whatever other f*ckin word you can think of, I dont expect any white person to understand whoopi’s comment…alot of people dont know the monstrosities blacks have been through so let me shed some light on you folks with these links…

    SMH, and believe it or not this is no where near the worst that they did back in the day…these are the types of things that my grandparents (both of whome are still living) have seen and lived through, and I can promise you that the people in those pictures did nothing to deserve that. Open your eyes people…

  • blk_starr

    why would stupid whoopi say that ignorant shit in tha 1st place? smfh

  • Ms. Dee

    The misconception that blacks alone benefit from organizations like NAACP, and TV stations like BET is absolutely ignorant. First and foremost, BET is owned by VIACOM, which also owns MTV, who equally broadcast shows for non-thinkers, so any race who watches either station do themselves a huge disservice. (By the way, VIACOM is WHITE-owned.) I say turn on C-Span and get the real vibe of the country… not from shows like The View, Fox News, or even MSNBC. You could learn a lot. And Whoppi’s comments were not so off-based. If you notice McCain’s response (or lack of), you can tell he never thought about the idea he is attempting to promote as part of his campaign.

    I really pray that TRUE Americans are able to discern the truth from fiction, and vote for the candidate who they believe is better suited to perform the duties of the President of the United States. A person who can be trusted to have the interest of ALL Americans, not just a few who don’t have to rely on and trust in the government — because they have their Great-Granddad’s inheritance to live off the rest of their natural lives.

    “WAKE UP AMERICA!” — Dennis Kucinich (sp?) DNC 2008

    • Guest

      As long as you have the premise that Whites are somehow racists, it won’t happen.  Blacks have to end their own racism first.  There will be no progress unless and until YOU wake up.



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