Vanessa Minnillo has high hopes

Now that she’s had some on camera experience as an MTV host, Vanessa Minnillo dreams to one day be a serious actress and win an Oscar. Bwahahaha.

“I want to be an actress with an Oscar and babies.” Vanessa — whose romance with Nick Lachey is still going strong — says she looks to Academy Award winner Julia Roberts for inspiration. “She’s phenomenal!” says Vanessa. “I would love to be just like her.”

You can already see the similarities between Julia and Vanessa. Julia’s breakout role was as a hooker with a heart of gold in the classic, Pretty Woman. Vanessa’s break out role was as Amy in Disaster Movie. Its greatest achievement is being number one on IMDB’s Bottom 100 list. Woohooo! We’re #1! We’re #1!

Vanessa Minnillo: I want an Oscar [In Touch]

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