Virginity for sale and time wasters

I’ll take one for $5 please.

  • Celebitchy: Britney went on a date with Russell Brand?
  • Asylum: Teacher accidentally screens porno to students
  • CoEd: A priest sold coke from his campus rectory (heh heh, sounds like rectum)
  • SOW: Guess who went blond
  • CS: Fabulous fag hag
  • Holy Taco: 10 Real life Mortal Kombat characters
  • FHM: Abigail Clancy is pretty I guess
  • Mr. Skin (Site NSFW): Count Rackula’s sexiest naked vampires of skinema
  • CityRag: Christina Ricci makes faces
  • College Humor:  What a lovely young girl
  • laura loo

    i don’t get the pic of the girl in her senior high picture and it’s tag line. what does her hand signal mean?

  • It spells Blood as in the Bloods and Crips LA gangs.

  • Will

    what a dumb ass, get a job and go to school, live an honorary life, then a again, she is a stupid bitch,

    capitalize this.

    stupid bitch

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