Why are you staring at David Beckham’s junk?

Ever since those David Beckham Armani ads were released, women have been wondering if they were digitally retouched or not. Well, DJ Kyle Sandilands of Australia confirmed that he’s a huge pervert who checked out David Beckham’s penis while using the urinals at Villa nightclub in LA. Kyle told listeners of his radio show:

“I was in the toilet at Villa nightclub in LA and there’s only two urinals in there, it’s very small.

“Somebody comes in behind me, and I hear a soft voice say ‘Hello, how are you?’ I turned around and think: ‘Holy s***! It’s David Beckham!’

“I’m midway through and I think, I’ve got to slow this down. I couldn’t help myself, for the first time in my life, I glanced down to the left and had a look.”

Asked whether Becks was a big boy, Kyle replied: “There’s two types of penis.

“There’s the one that’s the same size all the time and the other one changes in size.

“Let’s just say he looks like he’s got it going on whether it’s happy or not.”

Oh and of course Kyle would like to add, “No h**o.” Seriously. Kyle would only check out David’s package. C’mon guys. You gotta believe him.

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