Ali is the Lohan’s last hope

Lindsay Lohan has found it increasingly difficult to land a gig and not piss everyone off. Therefore, it’s time to put that horse out to pasture and usher in the next generation. Nicknamed “The Great Red Hope,” Ali Lohan filed a petition with the L.A. County Superior seeking approval — she’s a minor, 14 — to be allowed to work with Maloof Music. TMZ details:

She’s been recording something called “Interpersonal” at the Maloofs’ hotel-casino in Vegas — a much better place for a 14-year-old to spend her days and nights.

She’s doomed. Ali’s only natural talent is looking 30 when she’s 14. She’d have an easier time auditioning as “the girl who lures guys to the house” on To Catch a Predator. Oh and good job Dina letting your daughter stay at The Palms or whatever Maloof casino she’s at. This is exactly how kids end up as a cautionary tale on fictional crime based dramas.

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12 years ago

I agree. This poor little girl is DOOMED. The mother should be drawn and quartered. It’s almost too late now though, she’s already 14. Shame.

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