Ali Lohan is too old for this

Ali Lohan and her mother Dina showed up at the Animal Fair magazine Halloween Pet Costume Contest wearing retarded costumes that didn’t make any sense and didn’t bring their pets. Ali wore a netted top with skin tight leggings, cat ears, a barbed wire tattoo, a bow tie and looked about ready for menopause. Dina wore cat ears.

I don’t get it. Maybe Ali wanted to be a Playboy bunny but Dina wouldn’t let her? Dina probably told Ali no respectable woman would dress up in such a provocative manner to an animal contest. That type of attire for a 40 14-year-old is only acceptable at the Playboy Halloween party. Which Dina is currently trying to secure an invite to.

A piece of advice, Ali. If you make it in, whatever you do, stay away from the grotto. The sea men there that you hear everyone talking about is not what you think.

[Images via Splash News]

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