Angelina Jolie breastfeeding photos

Angelina Jolie on W

Angelina Jolie will be featured on the cover of the November issue of W breastfeeding one her twins. The photo is said to be part of a touching series shot by Brad Pitt.

Touching series. Sure. You know Brad just wanted people to know he’s banging Angelina Jolie and that he can take nude pics of her anytime he wanted. He’s basically taunting everyone saying, “Look, even my kid can suck on her tit. The best you can do is sit there with your hand down your pants chaffing yourself.” Well, you know what? Brad can go fuck himself. Or his amazingly hot girlfriend. Whichever one he chooses I guess.

  • Glenn Giggity

    Ah ha ha hahahaha!!!

    Go get your giggity on bro

    She is so stupid!

  • Cincigirl

    She’s a manipulative witch – always has been.

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