Because he’s gay, right?

High School Musical’s Ashley Tisdale says she and Zac Efron are mutually un-attracted to each other. Even though Zac constantly strokes Ashley’s ego by lying right to her face and telling her she “looks hot.”

“But really, it’s more like siblings than a flirty relationship – he’s seriously like my brother.”

Ashley is ugly and Zac is gay so this makes perfect sense. Ashley looks like a dog that just got hit in the nose with a rolled up newspaper. So much so that I’m surprised PETA hasn’t gone after Disney. Zac on the other hand is programmed to feign interest in women. Once he’s at home with Vanessa Hudgens, he’s all, “Stick a finger in my butt. Oh, and forget the BJ. Also, instead of a finger use this 10 inch dildo I found.”

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