Box Michael Lohan for $5,000

For a mere $5,000 starting bid, Michael Lohan will agree to step into a boxing ring with anyone who fronts the cash. The auction supposedly goes towards charity and will take place Nov. 24 at the Hilton Long Island in Melville, N.Y. The card will have 10 other amateur matches provided each of them finds a competitor willing to bid $5,000. Certain height and weight restrictions apply. Trying to drum up interest, Jeff Cohen, the organizer explains:

“Anybody who jumps into the ring with Michael Lohan will become famous,” Cohen said. “Maybe you’ll get one of Lindsay Lohan’s ex-boyfriends who’ll try and impress Lindsay by beating up her father. Who knows? … You might get Samantha Ronson trying to put a bid in there.”

They should make this more interesting. If the bid reaches $10,000, they should force Michael to tie one of his hands behind his back. That way the other guy can go in and kick Michael in the balls without worrying about him blocking it.

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