Caption time? and time wasters

John McCain

When McCain finally regained consciousness, everyone had already left.

  • Lainey: John Mayer turned 31 today. That’s 31 years of being a douche. Congrats
  • Holy Taco: Stop me if you heard this one. A drunk pony falls into a pool..
  • Popoholic: An Anne Hathaway quickie
  • Post Chronicle: Kevin Costner expecting another baby
  • Jezebel: You know you suck at life when even Paris Hilton laughs at you
  • CS: John McCain is multitalented
  • SOW: Remember that dude from Dawson’s Creek? Well, he’s back
  • Defamer: Stevie Wonder’s house may not have burned down in the fire
  • College Humor: Who put this dick on my back?
  • John

    McCain: “BUTTSECK!! =p =p =p =p =p”

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