Celebrities. They’re just like us

Ashley Olsen and Mary-Kate are reportedly fighting over whether or not to have breast enlargements. Mary-Kate doesn’t want to because she’s into that waifish look and thinks clothes look better with less cleavage. Ashley, on the other hand, wants tits. Star writes:

“Ashley is considering getting her boobs done because she wants to look more voluptuous,” says one source. “And she told Mary-Kate that she wanted her to get one at the same time so that it wouldn’t be glaringly obvious that Ashley had work done. That way, they could say that they had just both matured and were filling out naturally.”

Oh yea, I’m sure it wouldn’t be obvious that they had work done. People don’t notice these things at all. It’s not like I didn’t send Marisa Miller a letter yesterday telling her to check that mole in quadrant 4 of her left breast because it seems to have grown .3 centimeters.

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