Did she just call her a “cunt”? and time wasters

  • Hollywood Rag: Danielle Lloyd has a glamour modeling agency
  • Lossip: Antonio Banderas was giving a gold medal. He’s a special boy
  • WIMB: Katie Holmes is bringing lumberjack back
  • Flisted: Melanie Brown is desperate
  • HB: Justin Timberlake still milking that in a box thing
  • Hollywood Tuna: Kim Kardashian and Audrina make a useless pair
  • EB: D.L. Hughley will have a new show on CNN
  • AB: Look before she disappears again
  • Stephan Klose

    She said “Cunt” twice. Before correcting herself..

  • Nothing to see here. Just a Freudian slip. Move along folks.

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