Fail all around

Nevermind that Vanessa Hudgens ran out of breath and basically dropped her mic confirming everyone’s suspicions that she was lip-syncing. Focus on the fact that she’s dancing around like a little hussy in tight leather pants singing about having a “hottie body,” wanting to “party party” and asking someone to “hook it (ecstasy/coke?) on up,” all to a bunch of young, impressionable Disney fanatics. Charming.

Yea. So. In conclusion, this whole video is very inspirational. In the future, when a barely legal girl in a hiked up mini-skirt comes up to you and asks if you want to “party party,” please thank Vanessa for your huge boner.

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laura loo
laura loo
12 years ago

aww she’s just a wee bit tired from trying to convince zac he ain’t thaaaaaat gay.

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