Gemma Arterton had six fingers

Gemma Arterton\'s extra finger

The latest Bond girl, Gemma Arterton,  who will play Agent Fields in the upcoming Quantum of Solace, tells Esquire magazine that she used to have six fingers.

After undergoing an operation to have them removed, she still has bumpy scars as reminders of her extra digits.

The extra fingers were ‘tied’, which causes them to fall off naturally.

She tells Esquire magazine: ‘It’s my little oddity that I’m really proud of. It makes me different.’

Earlier this year, she revealed she was also born with a crumpled ear, which was corrected through surgery.

She said: ‘I was born with lots of deformities.’

This revelation brings to mind only one question. If Gemma still had those sixth fingers and she lifted them high in the air whenever she drank tea, would that make her upper upper class?

‘I was born with six fingers on each hand’ [Daily Mail]

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