Gerard Butler being investigated for punching a photog

Gerard Butler is currently under investigation by the LAPD for allegedly punching a photog numerous times. The incident happened at around 2 a.m. on Tuesday. A photog was following Gerard’s limo when Gerard stopped, got out and asked why he was following him. The photog replied, “Hey, that’s my job.” At that point, Gerard allegedly grabbed the photog by the throat and punched him three to four times. TMZ says the 300 actor then kicked the car and went back to punch the photog another three to four times. A few stitches later, the photog filed a police report.

However, witnesses have a different account. They say Butler was provoked. Sources indicate the photog followed Gerard for hours, driving recklessly and almost hitting several pedestrians. Gerard got out and hit him in the face, but the photog followed for another hour before seeking medical attention. TMZ also learned that he spoke with a civil lawyer before filing the report.

Whatever. Gerard should have slashed his tires for added emphasis. If some psycho was chasing me around the whole day, I’d be pretty freaked out too. Especially if it was a dude. Because I don’t swing that way. At least not when sober.

[Image via TMZ]

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