Guy Ritchie has moved on

More sordid details about Guy’s relationship with Madonna have surfaced and you know all those jokes you and I made about Madonna being the alpha male in the relationship? They’re true. Us reports:

“She would taunt Guy, saying, ‘I should have married someone like me: strong, hot-blooded, intelligent, ambitious, spiritual,'” reveals a Ritchie source. “Their fights would often get heated. A few times Madonna slapped him or poked him.”

Guy didn’t take it lying down though.

His reaction? “Guy called her old, fat, ugly and wrinkled and said that she was stupid and couldn’t sing,” another Madonna pal tells Us.

Madonna looks like a withered prune with muscles so it’s no surprise that Guy has already moved on. Us says he’s dating British actress Kelly Reilly who stars in his next film Sherlock Holmes. A noticeable step up but what isn’t when you’ve been with Madonna for so long. As long as Kelly’s clothes don’t rip into shreds exposing a complex network of bulging, throbbing veins when she flexes, it’s all good as they say.

Here’s Rachel Adams and Kelly Reilly at the pre-production conference for Sherlock Holmes.

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