Guy Ritchie is a cry baby

A few days ago, pictures came out of Guy Ritchie’s son Rocco sporting a New York Yankees shirt. Alex Rodriguez is of course a New York Yankee and rumored to be dating Madonna. A friend said Guy actually cried over the photos and is in “a terrible state. He said she is the ‘lowest of the low’ and is even more determined to fight for his side now.”

Madonna is a wretched and contemptible woman. It’s amazing she didn’t schedule a meet Alex Rodriguez day for all the kids and tip the paparazzi off so they could photograph the children taking turns riding on the, as Madonna would like Guy to know, “muscly and non-girl-like shoulders of a Greek God.”

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12 years ago

I don’t believe the Madonna/Alex Rodriguez relationship for a minute. At least, I don’t believe he wants her full-time. She was probably good for a quickie, but he can have his pick of women – why would he want an old hag like her?

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