Heather Graham’s breasts the latest victim of gravity

heather graham cleavage 09

Chicken Little says: “Heather Graham’s breasts are falling! Heather Graham’s breasts are falling!”

Poor Heather Graham. She found moderate success in Boogie Nights but lost it after doing films like Say It Isn’t So and Gray Matters. Now she has saggy boobs which means she’s all but unemployable in Hollywood. The only thing she can do now is release a sex tape and hope I’ll find it in my heart to star in it. Being the gentleman that I am, I may very well agree. For Heather’s sake.

heather graham cleavage 01heather graham cleavage 02heather graham cleavage 03heather graham cleavage 04heather graham cleavage 05heather graham cleavage 06heather graham cleavage 07heather graham cleavage 08heather graham cleavage 09heather graham cleavage 10

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