Holly Madison and Hugh Hefner are off

In his never ending search for truth and boobs, the guy at WWTDD reported that Holly Madison and Hugh Hefner were over and she’s moving out of the mansion. It turns out, that may be true.

TMZ caught up with Holly yesterday and she starts off confirming the rumor she’s moved into her own condo even though her, Kendra and Bridgette are currently filming the sixth season of The Girls Next Door. Then he asked if she could get him into the Playboy Halloween Party. After a few seconds of talking about how she’s going to be Elvis for Halloween, Holly blabbed, “I have no pull anymore. Hef and I aren’t together.”

This is heartbreaking news. If a hot, young Playboy centerfold and an old soft-core porn magnate with saggy, old man balls can’t make it in this crazy world, what chance do us normal people have?

Bonus: For no reason at all, Kendra Wilkinson and a slutty Miley Cyrus lookalike judging something in the Bahamas.

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