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High Shool Musical 3 over Saw V: Holy crap, there’s a V? Anyway, teeny boppers will prefer the waxy looks of Zac Efron over the imaginative disembowlment of unrelatable characters. I think.

Miley Cyrus is living with her boyfriend: NE says that Miley Cyrus is looking for her own apartment — common practice for high school freshmen — and is currently living with her 20-year-old boyfriend. I’m told that unlike Jamie Lynn, Miley knows where a condom goes. “On a banana, right?!” Ugh. *shakes head*

Radar is dead, long live Radar?: Radar has been purchased by AMI along with their website. They will hope to rise from the ashes as a serious competitor to TMZ, but not to me because I’m untouchable. I have big muscles. David Perel says Radar Online will begin delivering celebrity content immediately and hey, if you’re looking for a job, they’re hiring.

Crispin Glover found a job: Crispin Glover has been cast in Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland and will bring the film to a much higher level of creepiness usually only reserved for 35-year-olds with pedophile beards.

Ashley Todd sucks at making things up: I think the picture sums up the story nicely.

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