Jennifer Hudson’s nephew identified

Chicago PD has confirmed that the body of the slain 7-year-old found does belong to Julian King. Surveillance tapes from around the neighborhood are being reviewed and a timeline is being established. There is still confusion over when the SUV with Julian’s body showed up in the neighborhood. Police say William Balfour is a person of interest but many believe he is still the prime suspect.

An autopsy was scheduled to be done on the body of 7-year-old Julian King Tuesday at the Cook County medical examiner’s office, where Hudson and other relatives went to help identify the remains this afternoon.

A law enforcement source told the Tribune that the boy had been shot multiple times in the back of the white Chevrolet Suburban. The vehicle had been the subject of an intense search and Amber Alert issued on Friday after Hudson’s mother and brother were found shot and killed inside the family’s South Side home.

Is it too early to recommend punishments for the killer? The city should hold a contest for that. The most creative and painful wins. I vote for having his pee hole filled with cement. Any other suggestions?

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