Jessica Biel is doing alright

Jessica Biel

There was a point when Jessica Biel started looking like a monster. Her traps were twice the size of Hulk Hogan’s making it look like she enjoyed a healthy breakfast of Cheerios and steroids. I’m happy to say those dark times are almost behind us. Here’s Jessica at the Easy Virtue premiere in Rome. She must be benching 220 instead of 300 these days.

jessica biel virtue 01jessica biel virtue 02jessica biel virtue 03jessica biel virtue 04jessica biel virtue 05jessica biel virtue 06jessica biel virtue 07jessica biel virtue 09jessica biel virtue 10jessica biel virtue 12

jessica biel virtue 11jessica biel virtue 13jessica biel virtue 14jessica biel virtue 15

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12 years ago

She looks gorgeous, not manly. Wow, I’d love her body. She always looks like she’s glowing.

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