Jodie Marsh is classy

For some reason I always confuse Jodie Marsh with Katie Price. It could be because they both have/had big boobs, but it could also be because I don’t care about either of them, just their big boobs. Either way, the exciting news of the day is that they’re both fun to hang out with. Jodie more than Katie. Case in point. Here’s Jodie Marsh outside of Maya in SoHo checking out some guy’s penis and flashing her panties. Normal girls wouldn’t do this. They’re too hung up on dignity and being ladylike. I mean,you flash your penis to them one time and they’re all, “What’s the number for 911?!” So uptight.

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12 years ago

ok, what’s with the penis flash pic? They show plenty of bare boobs, but when the penis comes out, oh no… it has to be censored. Maybe some of us want to see some random dude’s junk. Life is so unfair. *pout*

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