Jodie Marsh wants your attention and sperm

Jodie Marsh has a request

Jodie Marsh has recently turned lesbian and is dating hairdresser Nina and since Nina has no ejaculate, she made a request for a sperm donor on Tim Shaw’s show on Absolute Radio. The Sun describes:

Her on-air antics included snogging her new girlfriend and sucking a banana – standard Marsh stuff, really.

Jodie said: “I’ve had loads of s**t men.

“I can see why women turn lesbian, because you get to the point where you’re sick of hearing so much f***ing bull***t, so you start to look elsewhere.”

Bless Jodie’s heart. Not enough girls these days turn to lesbianism for publicity. More women should follow her lead. A real hero this Jodie is. Can we give her a medal with “attention whore” engraved on it? I think she deserves it for all her hard work.

Oh and leave it up to Jodie to turn a simple Starbucks appearance into an hour full of sexual innuendo. Yea, yea. We get it. You miss facials. Go away now.

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