Khloe Kardashian is too famous to complete classes

At a scheduled court appearance stemming from her July DUI arrest, the judge found out Khloe Kardashian hadn’t completed her drug and alcohol education classes which were supposed to be done by today.

The judge scolded the reality star this morning for missing more than one of her classes — but Kimmy’s sis says it wasn’t her fault. KK blamed holidays that fell on scheduled class dates (they were closed) and over booked sessions (not enough seats) kept her from fulfilling her obligation — but the judge wasn’t having it.

The “Celebrity Apprentice” wannabe was still given until November 17 to complete her last class and is required to fly back from NYC this month to do a day’s work in an L.A. morgue.

It’s amazing Khloe couldn’t find the time since she does nothing but sit around all day sponging off her sister’s success. Getting up must be hard to do when the muscles in your legs have atrophied from a sedentary lifestyle full of eating, sleeping and snacking. The judge should quit being nice and tell Khloe to put down that drumstick, get up off her fat, privileged ass and go to class. Of course, Khloe would probably be pissed that the judge thinks she likes drumsticks when her favorite part is clearly the healtheir breast, but screw her.

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