Kristen Bell’s nipple if you stare really hard

Kristen Bell

I’ve been told that if you stare hard enough, recite ten incantations and spin around in a circle three times, you can see Kirsten Bell’s nipples in these screenshots from the Blu-Ray version of “Forgetting Sarah Marshall.” I haven’t tried it yet so don’t blame me if instead of sexy nipples, you see a less sexy bloody murder victim in your monitor. On the flip side, if the dead person turns out to be a hot naked chick, then we’re back in business, baby. Pictures could be NSFW.

kristen bell fsm 01kristen bell fsm 03kristen bell fsm 07kristen bell fsm 09kristen bell fsm 10kristen bell fsm 04kristen bell fsm 02kristen bell fsm 05kristen bell fsm 06kristen bell fsm 08

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