Lindsay is still into dudes

Lindsay Lohan may be dating Samantha Ronson but that doesn’t mean she’s given up the penis. A friend tells Full Disclosure that Lindsay insists she still loves men and that Samantha is the only person she’d go gay for.

“She has been telling everyone over and over that she’s still into guys,” one friend spilled to us. “She keeps saying if anything went wrong with Sam she would date a guy next. She even flirts with guys when they go out.”

Samantha is a goblin so there’s not much hope for this relationship. Between the ring Samantha has to deliver to Mount Doom and Lindsay flirting with guys, they don’t have a lot of time for each other. Sooner rather than later, they’ll drift apart and while Lindsay is etching notches into her bedpost, Samantha, well, who knows what she’ll be doing because who gives a s**t?

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