Lindsay Lohan enjoys hair pulling

As a followup to the Lindsay flirting with Chace Crawford story, here are a few more details based off an eyewitness account. I didn’t really verify this so take this for what you will.

According to a source, Chace Crawford, Taylor Momsen and others were engaged in conversation when an arm comes out of nowhere and grabs Chace’s hair, tussles it up and disappears. He notices Lindsay hiding behind someone, laughs and finishes his conversation. “She had that look in her eyes, as if she really liked the guy. She would mess his hair up, then turn around a bunch of times. At times they would be next to each other laughing and whispering.”

What’s up with that Lindsay? How could you use that special move you and Sam perfected in the bedroom on someone you barely knew? This act of betrayal will likely not go unanswered. Expect Sam to use Lindsay’s most beloved move. I believe it’s called the “hold my hair, I think I’m gonna puke.”

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