Lindsay Lohan is being sued

The three men in the SUV whom Lindsay Lohan took on a chase through the streets of Santa Monica with are suing the actress for an unspecified amount. They claim Lindsay said she was a celebrity and could do whatever she wanted, was “angry and aggressive” and they felt “surprise, shock, fear and panic at LIndsay’s surprising and sudden act.” Basically they admit they were pussies who were left traumatized.

Although nobody was physically injured, their suit describes a wild, traumatic ride with Lohan allegedly angry and intoxicated as she went after the other car following a party.

“Dante and Jakon continued to implore Lohan to slow down, stating specifically that she was endangering all of their lives and that they could be killed,” the lawsuit says. “Lohan refused to slow or stop, but instead responded with abusive cursing and vulgar language, including a statement that she did not care about the risk of death.”

Clearly, a cracked out Lohan was stronger than all three of them combined. They were unwilling passengers in a hellish joyride. One could even argue they were kidnapped. Perhaps $500,000 each would put this issue to bed? Yes, that sounds like a reasonable amount to heal the mental scarring. While they’re at it, they should ask Lindsay for a free hand job. It’ll go over just as well.

Meanwhile, Lindsay’s attorney laughed at them and responded, “These guys had the night of their lives, playing with the radio and leaving the vehicle at one point and getting back in.”

Okay, so maybe $1,000 each then? Hello?

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