Lindsay Lohan needs a jobby job

Remember when I said implied Lindsay Lohan’s career was in bad shape and that Ali Lohan was the “Great Red Hope?” I wasn’t joking. Sources are saying that Lindsay has no “lucrative” projects lined up after Ugly Betty and that it’s over for her.

No one will hire Lindsay or give her an audition because she “can’t carry a movie, she’s just not a draw anymore.” Even Dancing With the Stars rejected her.

Lindsay isn’t even filling her dance card with indie projects like other actors do when work is slow. Probably because she thinks she’s too good for that. She was in Mean Girls and that Freaky Friday remake after all. She’s a star.

It’s because of this that Dina has stopped banking on Lindsay to keep her afloat in golden toilets and baby panda dinners. She’s begun to focus more on Ali’s career. It’s just a matter of finding out what she’s good at and then riding her hard until a near mental collapse in which she flashes her vagina and shaves her head. In other words, the big money.

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Herman Bumfudle
12 years ago

linsay. what are your hands doing down there? popping that gooey thang like that.

12 years ago

great legs on this whore

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