Madonna is hunting Guy

Guy Ritchie is pissed because he thinks Madonna is spying on him. He claims Madonna is using her massive staff to monitor his every move. This was after the musclebound pop singer learned about the private meeting he had with his family to discuss how to combat Madonna’s PR spin which included reports calling  Guy “cruel and neglectful.”

Even though Guy compares Madonna’s tactics as “something concocted by the KGB,” he’s not surprised. Madonna is known for being a control freak. Like, during sex. Madonna always makes Guy be a bottom. Why can’t Guy ever be a top? It’s always Madonna, Madonna, Madonna.

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Exotic Goddess
Exotic Goddess
12 years ago

Never underestimate Madonna. She likes interesting people, is creative and a go-getter. She’s not going to dwell in darkness. She will settle matters in a way that benefits her and makes sense to her.

I wish she’d be a spokesperson for atheism, it would put her intelligence above Bill Meyer if she could think outside the box of religion. She needs to grow intellectually.

I have faith that things will turn out rosy for both of them.

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